About Me and my Work  
My name is Greg Riley and I've been painting murals for over 20 years. I am available for business and residential
mural work, and all types of decorative and faux painting.


I have painted over 100 murals in my career. There isn't any sort of theme to my murals collectively; usually it is a client's idea that dictates the subject matter and I like not knowing what the next project will be. I like to think I can paint anything.

So far, so good.  


I was born in 1960 in Chicago, IL. and began my education in the Chicago public school system. In the 1970's my family moved to Mokena, IL where I attended Lincoln-Way High School. Having done well at art, I chose this as my career path. I received my Associates Degree in Fine Art from Joliet Junior College. I continued my studies at The American Academy of Art in Chicago and  at a wonderful small school called The Palette and Chisel Academy, also in Chicago, where I continue to take classes to this day.



I have worked on stage and movie sets, done historical restoration, illustrations, portraits, architectural renderings and many other projects that require an artistic hand. Some of my other less meaningful careers have been; mechanic, carpenter, forklift operator, bartender, delivery truck driver, golf course groundskeeper, and gas station pump jockey. Some of these gigs paid pretty well, but if you're born to be an artist there's really no sense fighting it.